Anthology merges with the blackboard to create the most comprehensive and modern Adtech ecosystem

Anthology, a leading provider of higher education software solutions that supports the entire learning lifecycle, and Blackboard Inc., a leading global EdTech software and solutions company, have announced the completion of their previously announced merger.

Accordingly a Press statement, The integrated organization will create the world’s most comprehensive and modern EdTech ecosystem for education. The company is in a unique position to enable in-depth insights into the learner so that organizations can deliver unparalleled personalized experiences and results throughout the learner’s life cycle.

The parent company of the new consolidation will be Anthology, with the Blackboard name continuing to be an integral part of its brand portfolio. With more than 150 million users in 80 countries – and Anthology at its leading global position – with more than 150 million users in 80 countries – and a comprehensive portfolio of innovative solutions to enable organizations to overcome historical barriers in administrative and educational ecosystems and achieve organizational success.

Commenting on the development, Jim Milton, President and CEO of Anthology, said,

“The end of the transaction represents the next issue for Anthology and Blackboard as our combined offer can provide unparalleled personalized experience and insight into the entire learner’s life cycle. Community engagement, student success and student participation – will provide our clients with a complete set of enterprise-level products and services that will allow organizations to focus not only on data-based decisions but also completely change both student and organizational success. “

According to the company, the combined companies ’higher education, K-12 schools, government and business sector customers will benefit from faster investment and innovation in existing solutions, giving them global reach to complement the expanded product portfolio and institutional education. And also enjoy the administrative requirements, and the high privacy, security standards provided by the consolidating company.

Ramzi Muslim, CEO and Managing Partner of Veritas Capital, said,

“With this combination, Anthology is poised to accelerate the data-driven high-aid ecosystem that the market demands. Led by Jim Milton and the company’s proven senior leadership team, Anthology will serve as an industry force to improve outcomes for students. . “

The consortium is owned by the majority-owned Veritas Capital, which focuses on companies operating at the intersection of technology and government.

The company will be headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. The company will also maintain a global facility footprint, including its main blackboard office in Reston, Virginia.

Millbank LLP served as legal advisor to Anthology and Veritas. Deutsche Bank acted as Blackboard’s financial advisor, and Vail, Gotshall and Mangesh LLP acted as Blackboard’s legal advisor.

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