AI-based career counseling platform experts raise undisclosed amount in new funding round

Expertise, an AI-based career counseling platform that helps graduates and professionals find the jobs of their dreams, has raised an undisclosed amount from CRED founder Kunal Shah and Microsoft India president Anant Maheshwari.

With this fundraising, the company plans to attract top professionals and build them as career influencers on the platform.

Experts provide future communications, hiring and placement solutions for business and educational institutions, as well as Adtech and career guidance services for end clients. Bringing career hacks and wisdom from top professionals and experts to students, graduates and upcoming professionals, experts bridged the gap between them by using video bots and facilitating 1-1 consultations.

Founded in November 2019 by Vivek Gupta and Jatin Solanki, alumni of IIT Bombay, the company offers the Flagship Production Academy + Job Assured program which is a complete career transformation for aspirants to become the best version of their professional self and also assured references and interviews. Can be found. As long as they are not hired in the best company that meets their career needs.

Vivek Gupta and Jatin Solanki, founders of Expertrons, said in a statement,

“We look forward to welcoming industry veterans like Kunal Shah and Anant Maheshwari to our side. The main area of ​​focus for us right now is to find the job opportunities of their dreams or enter the job search market of professionals looking for careers. The goal is set. “

The Mumbai-based startup claims to have grown 70x in the last year. Globally, more than a billion professionals plan to change their careers at least 5 to 7 times in their lifetime, and the goal is to help them advance their dream careers through a network of experts and companies.

Expertrons are at the center of social networks (such as BitDance, LinkedIn and Facebook), job portals (e.g., Monster and Jobs), and e-learning platforms (such as Corsara, Udemi and Cheg).

Within 14 months after the incorporation, experts claimed to have affected more than 250,000 applicants and made an operational profit.

The latest round of investing has come at the heels of experts. In August this year,-2.3 million was raised in pre-Series A funding, including Venture Catalysts, Oxano Capital, Venture Garage, Yoga Capital, Ah! Ventures, Leeds Angels, Hyderabad Angels and existing investors LetsVenture, IVS, IVCap Ventures and Nikhil Vora (MD, Sixth Sense), among others.

Experts collected ची 700,000 in April 2020 from LetsVenture, Ivycap Ventures, Iceland Venture Studios and Nikhil Vora.

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