Adobe Education Exchange offers free EdTech lessons, activities and projects to use in your teaching

Adobe Education Exchange is a platform that provides a variety of educational resources and professional development materials for teachers and educators. I am adding it to our PDF section at The resources in Adobe Exchange are organized into three main categories: vocational education, learning resources, and communities.

In Community, You can get in touch with a growing number of fellow teachers and educators who are integrating Adobe products into their work. You can find teachers by subject (e.g., design, humanities, social sciences, engineering, arts and architecture, mathematics, etc.), products (e.g., Illustrator, Spark, Lightroom, Photoshop, InDesign, etc.), status (e.g., Participants, influencers, trendsetters, contributors, etc.), and by location.

You can easily follow other teachers, learn about the Adobe products they use, view their teaching resources, and read more about their background experience. I believe the community feature in Adobe Exchange is a great way for teachers, especially those who can find inspiration and practical ideas on how to integrate technology effectively into their suggestions.
In Education resources, You will find educational resources organized by subject, degree level (e.g., all ages, primary, secondary and higher education), active student time and productivity. For example, you can find tools used to create photos, videos, illustrations, portfolios, presentations, AR creations, and more.

When you search for teaching materials that include the use of videos, for example, you will find this content page that includes a variety of lesson plans, among others, with your students on how to use Adobe Premiere to film with others. , Edit and make your first film; How to teach storytelling with Adobe, Khan and Pixar; How to use Spark with students to create a webpage to pitch the scene in your story; How to use Spark with students to film videos about imaginary or imaginary situations; And more.

Adobe Education Exchange

Click on the lesson plan you are interested in to access the text. You will learn more about the targeted topics and educational level, suggestions for conversions in your classroom, learning documents and materials related to the lesson, access to tutorials to help you learn more about the tool featured in the lesson, and more.

In Professional development, You will get self-speed courses, access to information about virtual and personal events, and connect with like-minded teachers around the world. You can use the same filtering features to browse through a collection of self-pace courses. Examples of courses that are special to me include: digital painting and drawing in the classroom, preparing students with the necessary creative skills, 3D skills in the classroom, engaging video projects in the classroom, developing digital literacy, and more.

Teach creativity with Adobe and Khan Academy

Once you find a course that interests you, click on it to explore its contents. The curriculum comes with information about the educational objectives they are completing, the duration of the curriculum and the instructors, the tools used, the level of targeting and the options for accessing the curriculum.

Similarly, the Adobe Education Exchange Professional Learning Toolkit includes the following: Graphic Design Professional Education Kit, Creating Digital Image Learning Kit, Adobe Spark Professional Learning Kit, Adobe Rush Professional Learning Kit and more. Click on the resource you like and sign up to access its contents.

You can also use the Adobe Education Exchange search box to find thousands of other teaching and learning materials. You will have fruitful discussions with co-teachers, examples, tutorials and professional development workshops to add a dose of creativity to your teaching and help you become an informative EdTech teacher.

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