A new guide to help teachers integrate Google Arts and Culture into their classroom teaching

Google Arts & Culture released a new one today Teacher’s Guide Filled with educational resources and teaching materials to help teachers make the best of it Art and culture In their curriculum. I spent some time in the content of this guide and I found it really useful. The guide “appreciates ready-to-use handouts and customizable activity templates and other popular experiences on Google art and culture that were created with teachers in mind.”
Source: Google Blog

The guide is divided into three main sections: Let’s get started, Find content, And Activities for students. In the Getting Started section, you will learn what art and culture is, how to navigate your path, and how to use it with your students. In the Discover Content section, you’ll learn more about shared content on art and culture, which includes three main groups: collections, themes, and experiments. As you navigate through the site, you and your students will be able to explore features to optimize your learning experiences.

In the last section of the guide, you will find educational activities designed specifically for students to use. It includes downloadable lessons, applied digital skills (video-based lessons to help students complete their work on art and culture), customizable activities (“Exploring content and features on Google Arts while supporting students with critical thinking and digital literacy skills”. Culture. “), And a parent’s guide (‘helps family and parents get acquainted with the site and the app).

See Google Arts and Culture Teacher’s Guide And share your feedback with us.

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