A mixed education system can help increase enrollment and completion rates

According to leading software company Cloud Assess, a mixed learning system that utilizes the efficiency and convenience of online learning but gives students the benefit of human interaction can help increase completion rates.

Rob Bright, director of online assessment and training software at Cloud Assess as a service company, says that while more and more companies are offering flexible employment arrangements such as work from home, the education system should follow trends with a mix of virtual and traditional classrooms. .

“The concept of balancing learning and assessment online and face-to-face is becoming increasingly common in today’s coveted world, and finding balance is the key to her success,” Bright said.

“There is a space for distance learning and assessment but where possible, most institutions should offer a mixed method that still uses the functionality of online software but gives students the benefit of human interaction. Offers a mixed learning and assessment approach for teachers and employers with software. “

Bright is responding to a recent study by the National Center for Student Equity in Higher Education that looked at the completion rate of higher education students and found that only 44 percent of online learners completed their studies, compared to 77 percent of students on campus.

“We don’t want people who think online learning and assessment is just remote. There are many ways to use this element of online learning and assessment, without losing the personal aspect,” Bright said. “One of our clients, Cool Kids Training College, does this effectively and has given us feedback on how this flexibility has increased student enrollment and the number of students completing their studies.”

According to another report by Pivot and Education Perfect, 80 percent of students believe they will need additional support when they return to school, and the main concerns include social isolation, poor student health, and learning disabilities.

“While Covid Lockdown has shown the benefits of online learning, the convenience and functionality it offers, on the contrary, enables the benefits of both mixed learning and can help students transition if further lockdown continues,” Bright added.

“Our cloud access solutions will help many organizations and education departments implement viable alternatives to the traditional teaching and evaluation model – ultimately giving more flexibility to both students and teachers.”

In 2012, Rob recognized the lack of a right-purpose digital assessment solution for the vocational education and training (VET) sector. One year after the solution was completed, Cloud Assess was born in 2013 and since then it has become a leading solution from a great idea for the VET sector. By making assessments streamlined, consistent, and accessible to everyone, training and assessments cover all assessment requirements, not only for RTOs but also for businesses in the workplace and with the participation of employers / supervisors.

Cloud Assess has won local business awards, including the Mayor’s Award for IT and Digital Business at the Business Excellence Awards (2020) and the Mayor’s Award for Innovation at the Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards (2019). Founder Rob Bright was also a runner-up at the Gold Coast 40 Under 40 Young Entrepreneurs Awards.

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