A great Google Drive whiteboarding tool for real-time collaboration across the team

Google recently announced a partnership with popular online partner Whiteboard Miro. This means that Miro is now integrated into Google Workspace, providing enhanced collaborative features to enhance productivity and cross-functional collaboration. Drive users will now have access to Miro’s intuitive canvas where they can work collaboratively and in real-time to create and brainstorm ideas.

Once you’re connected Miro With your Google Workspace you can easily import docs, sheets and slides into your Miro board. You can create drawings, add text, add shapes to design immersive learning experiences on the Mirok board. And if you’re using Google Calendar, you can add and share your Mirok boards before your meeting.
The most important aspect of Miro’s integration with Google services is especially evident in Google Meet. The integration of Miro’s whiteboarding functionality into Google Meet adds attractive and compelling features to the meeting. For example, participants in a meeting in early 2022 will have an ‘immersive side-by-side video and whiteboard experience that is ideal for brainstorming, sketching and repetition during meetings.’ Check This post To learn more about merging with Miro’s Meat.

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