7 Educational iPad Apps Free Today

Today’s Apps Free Series has 7 great educational iPad apps that are free today and only for a limited time. Some of the things you can do with these apps include: a smart timer to help you organize and organize your activities, a note-taking app to capture your thoughts, a photo collage app to create beautiful visuals, and more.

Source: WordWhile

“The simplest timer is available. Beautifully designed and repeats over and over again. When the time comes you will get a double sound and the session will repeat the same thing over and over again! Our goal is to help you become more productive every day. Have time. Door yourself in the morning. To get out, have a quick coffee, exercise your tabata, grill your steak, or remind yourself to stand up every 30 minutes. “

“Brecher Story is a playable narrative experience that goes deep into the worlds of cyber-security, conspiracy theories and social engineering. Enjoy a choice-based adventure through interesting mobile conversations, real-time phone notifications and unprecedented global events. Make your choices carefully. Answers to climb the small corporate ladder in the direction or break your new career. “

“Whiteboards and sticky-notes don’t hit anything to capture a lot of loose information and see the big picture. Stickyboard takes this flexibility and adds convenience and power to your iPad. Don’t worry about losing notes after meeting again. It’s very easy to navigate. Friendly. “

Add Downs Maker and Creator for MCPE is a user-friendly tool with an optimized interface that helps players create their own Ons Downs, as well as showcase their creativity without writing a line of code.

“50 playable texts contain about 5,000 timeless words with more than 1,500 missing words, and 15,000 handmade novels to choose from … or avoid”.

“Collages, borders, text labels, color splashes, stickers, clipart, masks / shapes, frames, effects, filters, drawings on your photos … it’s all possible with Photofix! There are limitless possibilities to create your own Photofix collage.”

“Cubes is a simple and addictive puzzle game. The goal is to create or complete a pattern with moving squares. The first levels of the game are basic so that you can quickly assimilate concepts. Then you will have challenging levels but still nice accessible and cute pixels. Art samples. “

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