5 New Google Workspace Updates Teachers Should Be Aware Of

Below are five interesting new Google Workspace updates that teachers should be aware of. This includes an enhanced settings panel in Google Meet that gives users instant access to effects such as background blur and background images; Ability to restore deleted pages in Google Sites using version history; Enhanced form settings and more. Click on any update to learn more about it.

5 New Google Workspace Updates Teachers Should Be Aware Of

The new settings panel in Google Meet enables users to quickly access effects such as background blur, background image and style during a Meet call.

With this new update, Google Workspace for Education administrators can “quickly identify what someone in their domain did, such as: remove a student from the class who archived a class on a specific date, and more.”

Previously, Google site users were only able to restore an entire page, a new update allowing them to restore a specific page from version history. “This additional functionality makes it easier to restore, edit, and republish specific pages that have been accidentally changed or deleted.”

“Now you can easily customize your form or quiz settings with the More Visible Settings tab and modified settings layout.”

“From September 8, 2021, users who have enabled chat in their Gmail settings will see the word ‘rooms’ automatically updated to ‘spaces.’ And enhanced user roles and controls. “

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