5 interactive games to help students explore world culture

Google Arts and Culture There is a game section of five interactive games that enables students to learn about art and culture. Check it out below and share it with your students and kids.

An interactive game where students choose which one comes first. The faster students answer, the higher the score. Students are given two visual prompts and are asked to click on the old ones chronologically. These visual prompts come in a variety of forms: paintings by artists, architectural symbols, museums, explorers, and more. Once students have selected the answer they can scroll down to read more at the visual prompt.

Cultural crossword puzzles

A game that helps students develop cultural literacy through word puzzles. Crosswords are divided into four main categories: art, worldwide, science and technology, fashion and nature. Students can choose to play crossword puzzles in each of these categories or play featured in the weekly crossword section. Once they have selected the crossword they want to play, they can click on the clause to start filling in the crossword. When students click on a hint, they can see detailed information about it on Google Arts & Culture.

Cody Party

Students work in pairs or individually to solve artistic jigsaw puzzles. Hundreds of artwork students can play. The process is simple and straightforward: first the students choose the artwork they want to play. They can click ‘Learn More’ to learn more about the artwork in Google Arts & Culture. Next, they choose whether to play jigsaw game solo or play with others. For the latter option, a unique code is generated to share with others.

Visual crosswords

This game enables students to learn more about art and culture through unexpected pairs. For example, to learn more about art movements, students are given two columns and asked to drag artwork into any box that matches the labels. If they are unfamiliar with a particular artwork, they can click Learn More to read about it on Google Arts and Culture.

Art Coloring Book

A game that allows students to paint in their own way ‘through a palette of famous paintings’. To start playing it, they must select an artwork then color and customize it as they wish using the tools provided. Once completed, they can download their artwork or share it with others on social media or via a generated link. There is also the option of printing colorful books so that students can work on them offline.

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