5 Great YouTube Channels That Provide Educational Video Content For Kids

When immersive learning experiences are considered, nothing beats the learning power of audio visual (and augmented reality). Children learn best when they are visually stimulated. The visual element here refers to a variety of elements including graphics, images, charts, tables, comic strips, maps, posters, infographics … etc. But we have a special interest in this post video content and especially shared on YouTube.

It is true that many parents and educators do not promote the idea of ​​using YouTube with children but there is a big difference in creating educational video content (e.g. by teachers or parents). Then Sharing it with kids and allowing kids to find their own video content on YouTube. The latter is a bit challenging and I personally would not recommend using it with young students.

If you’re a teacher or parent looking for a trusted YouTube channel that offers educational video content for kids, the list below is a great place. It has 5 most popular channels where you can access attractive and fun video content to share with your kids and students. For a comprehensive list, check out this collection with 12 YouTube channels for young students.

Learn Bright offers educational videos designed specifically for young students. The goal is to help parents and teachers engage children in meaningful learning experiences with resources. Also, Learn Bright offers a K-6 lesson plan covering a variety of school subjects, including math, reading, history, science and language arts.

Pikabu Kids

Another great YouTube channel for kids. It has fascinating and fun video content that helps kids expand their learning horizons. Some of the topics covered in the Peekaboo Kidz video include: Autism Awareness, Geography, Solar System, Alphabet Songs, Funny Songs for Kids, Nursery Rhymes, Animal Poems, Popular English Nursery Rhymes and more.

PBS KIDS is committed to making a positive impact on children’s lives through curriculum-based media, using new and traditional platforms to help children gain knowledge and critical thinking skills while strengthening their imagination and curiosity about the world. High-quality programming and learning environment for children, PBS It invites children to explore the world around them with nonviolent, age-appropriate content that provides positive ideals for children to learn and grow with them. “

National Geographic Kids

Net Geo Kids helps kids explore the world through ‘weird, wild and wacky videos’. Some of his playlists include: Explore the World with LEGO, Kids vs. Plastics, How Things Work, Animal Showdowns, Amazing Animal Veterinarians, Safari Live, Brain Magic and more. You can visit the National Geographic Kids website at http://natgeokids.com for more games, photos and videos. Check out more videos from National Geographic Kids at http://natgeokids.com/video.

YouTube Kids ‘provides a more inclusive environment for kids to explore YouTube and makes it easier for parents and caregivers to guide their journey.’ The YouTube Kids Library is full of “family-friendly videos on all sorts of topics that ignite your kids’ inner creativity and playfulness. From their favorite shows and music to learning how to make that model volcano (or slim ;-), and everything in between”). The main strength of YouTube Kids is the parental control feature that allows parents to customize and monitor interactions with their children, including video content. Parental Control Offer:

  • Limit screen time: Set a time limit on how much time your children can watch and help encourage their transition from watching to doing it.
  • Put forward what they see: Just look at it, check the page again and you will always know what they have seen and the new interest they are looking for.
  • Blocking: Don’t like the video? Block videos or entire channels and never watch again.
  • Flag hoisting: You can always alert us about inappropriate content by flagging the video for review. Flagged videos are reviewed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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