5 Adtech platforms for kids in today’s digital age

The epidemic has transformed traditional teaching methods with the help of technology and has changed the way education is viewed with attractive content.

But with a large number of ad-tech platforms that help parents manage their children’s learning cycles in many languages ​​with interesting video content to facilitate personalized learning, gamification and learning process, finding the right resources is really hard. Children

To make the search easier, here is a list of 5 ad-tech apps that will help children and parents to better educate and care for childhood in India.

1. Square Panda India

As an Adtech Innovator, Square Panda India aims to revolutionize the elementary education landscape. The app provides an enjoyable and engaging learning experience and can be accessed online or offline. Using the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the app adapts to each child’s unique pace of learning in real-time. It facilitates learning at home and at school through its school-to-home and school learning programs, thus ensuring continuous learning.

In addition to being a reference for India as a multilingual, it focuses on hybrid education and takes a holistic view of a child’s development while respecting his social, cognitive and motor skills. In line with NEP 2020’s vision, Square Panda aims to enhance the skills of 500k Anganwadi workers and primary school teachers and thereby enhance the educational ecosystem.

2. Square monitor

Founded in 2016 by young entrepreneur Vijay Pandey and Vikas Rishishwar, ClassMonitor is using the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kit to give preschoolers a holistic learning experience and help parents keep their children off the screen. The Learning Kit takes children to a learning space that combines real-life learning experiences with a curated activity and resourceful library.

This Indore-based EdTech focuses on helping to improve early education with more efficient teachers, more participating parents and higher motivated students. The ClassMonitor Learning Kit helps the child to develop their language skills, logical thinking, sensory and motor skills, cognitive skills and creativity.

3. Insult

Founded in 2017 by Sneha Sundaram, a teacher and writer, and ISB alumnus, musician and audio producer Bharat Bevinahalli, Kutuki Kids Learning App is a Bangalore-based award-winning elementary-learning app for children under the age of seven. . It has a team of teachers, musicians, artists, storytellers and technology professionals who are eager to bring art and technology together to create quality and engaging content for children. Start-up also offers easy games to build vocabulary, life skills and learn letters and numbers.

The app uses courses based on proprietary stories and songs to attract and transform the youngest students in India. The startup’s goal is to change how the 200 million youngest students in India learn.

4. OckyPocky

One of the first interactive English learning apps in India for preschool children, OckyPokcy Created by Whizkids.

Founded in 2015, the Haryana-based EdTech startup focuses on non-English families and teaches more than 200,000 children 8-10 million words a month in 30 days.

With the motto “Skills That Matter”, the app aims to change the way English is taught to 160+ million Indian children by providing live classes for 4-12 year olds. Their interactive platform offers voice, video and instant feedback supported by local languages ​​and the best teachers in India. OckyPocky also creates creative courses for young students.

5. Kidopia

Founded in 2012, Kiddopia is a Mumbai based EdTech startup founded by Anupam and Anshu Dhanuka. The start-up works towards creating world-class learning apps for preschool children to provide integrated learning related to the curriculum, including math programs, language skills, general knowledge, creativity, role-playing and socio-emotional learning.

To make learning fun, the team focuses on creating constructive and exciting content. The app includes input from parents, teachers, artists and developers who create a fun learning experience for curious little minds.

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