4 great Chrome tools to help students learn a new language while browsing the Internet

One of the best ways to learn a new language is to immerse yourself in the context in which it is (originally) spoken. With web technology, immersion becomes even easier and more convenient and can be done from your own sofa. Immersive language learning is everything “To learn A new language in the most natural way ”

Uses an interesting concept in learning fluent language. Once installed, it automatically selects the words on the webpage and translates them into the target language. You can navigate through the translated words to see the original version in English. Supports fluent French, Spanish and Italian. It also provides other interesting features that allow users to track their learning progress, listen to the pronunciation of translated words, see the gender of nouns and adjectives, and more.

Another great Chrome extension that lets you learn new languages ​​just by browsing the net. Here’s how it works: “When you visit a website, the token automatically translates some words and phrases from the language into the language you’re trying to learn. That way, you can learn the words in your new language in a language context.” You are already comfortable. “Token supports the following languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, German, Korean, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, French, Hindi, Hebrew, Portuguese and Hindi.

Readlang is an e-reader designed specifically for language learners. With one click you can translate words and web pages into the language you are learning. Ridlang remembers translated words and creates flashcards to help you remember them. Also, Redlang lets you import a simple text version of webpages for reading and translating on a clutter free interface. You can also export all your words to other learning tools like Quizlet.

The list of language learners without Google Dictionary is definitely short. This is by far the best tool for learning relevant and immersive language. Once installed it works like the wind. Just double click to enter the definition of a word. You can also choose the language of your choice in which foreign words will be translated. Google Dictionary keeps a history of all your word searches that you can download in CSV format.

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