3 great chrome extensions to help students become better writers

Below are three useful Chrome extensions to help students improve their writing skills and develop good writing habits. Using these tools, students can get instant feedback on their writing progress, see suggestions for their grammar and syntax, syntax and complete sentence rearrangement, and more.

Access to iteration history is a common feature of software writing. However, Draftback takes this feature to the next level. For those of you who are using Google Docs, Draftback allows you to play back the revision history of any Google document that you own or have permission to edit. This is a particularly practical feature that can help you reflect on your writing style and analyze your writing habits.

This is a great tool to help students work on their writing mechanics. This can be especially helpful in paraphrasing and proof reading. Some of its free features include spell checker, grammar and punctuation checker, thesaurus suggestions and writing statistics (e.g., readability, grade level and word count). Premium features include complete sentences, style and composition instructions, and paraphrasing tools to help the material plagiarist reconstruct and rewrite. Also, Outright works on Google Docs, Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, Word, Edge, iOS and many other platforms.

Wriq is Texthelp’s writing achievement tool. Students can use it to track their writing progress, get instant feedback on their writing, and look at areas that need improvement. Wriq’s reports are detailed and insightful which give students more freedom to develop and improve their writing style without teacher input. Teachers will also find this tool useful. Using Wriq teachers can “save time, as spelling, punctuation, grammar and vocabulary checks are done automatically; provide meaningful feedback and motivation directly to your students; use data to identify patterns in writing performance; track progress and plan courses”, and much more

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