3 Google Drive updates teachers need to know

If you missed it, check out the Google Drive updates below. What I really like is the new template feature in Google Docs that allows you to easily generate documents from notes on your Google Calendar. Google Sites has also added new functionality that lets you create custom themes for your site. Check out the updates below and share with your colleagues.

With this new update, Google site users will now be able to create their own custom themes. Instead of the six predefined themes provided by the sites, users are now able to design themes to suit their own personal style. They can customize font and text styles, add / change colors, add brand images, add buttons and navigational elements, and more.

2- New meeting notes template in Google Docs

I learned about this new update in Google Docs via this tweet Peter Horner. Docs users are now able to generate documents from Google Calendar. With one click you can import all your calendar notes into your document. To access this new feature, open a document in Google Docs, insert, click Templates, Meeting Notes.

If you’re hosting a Google meeting from a place where background lighting is a problem (e.g. dim light, or strong light coming from a window, etc.), you no longer have to worry about the visibility quality of your video. “Google Meet on the web now automatically detects when a user appears underexposed and increases brightness to improve their visibility.”

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