15 Ways to Use Canvas for School Education to make teaching-learning more productive and engaging

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Canvas is a tool for creating digital graphics. Canvas for education It is an extension for school and education stakeholders that allows collaboration, real-time performance tracking, existing LMS integration and a variety of compelling graphics through its templates!

Canvas for Education Offer “Canvas Pro”- Paid subscription to Canvas – Free for teachers, schools and students, Giving them an attractive and experiential learning environment.

Here are 15 ways to use canvas in school to make teaching-learning more fruitful and exciting:

1. Brainstorming

Canva’s 200+ ready-to-use templates combine ideas and brainstorm with students to create a cakewalk. Its accessible and interactive templates can be customized as needed, enabling students to keep their thoughts ink while exploring, creating, collaborating and sharing. Templates such as map charts, minimalist story mind maps, step-by-step flowcharts, and video storyboards allow students to focus on their creativity rather than presentation.

2. Calendar

Canvas allows teachers to create custom calendars for birthdays and exams and plan for weekly, monthly or yearly purposes. With over 500 customizable templates, Canvas allows teachers to create personalized and engaging calendars. Teachers can even add photos, create pre-exam schedules with exam and repeat dates, and specify days for specific topics to make exam preparation effective.

3. Class schedule

A beautiful looking, visible schedule always keeps students and teachers excited. And the schedule is a breeze with the canvas’s customizable and printable class schedule templates. Teachers can quickly organize their semesters and programs, collaborate with co-teachers, and finalize the academic year. They can create templates from scratch and print them.

4. Flash cards

Teachers use flashcards to help students remember key concepts and improve their memory. Usually, these two sided cards have a prompt on one side and an answer on the other. Used to teach formulas, vocabulary, procedures, and more, Flashcard creates quick and easy with canvas. The platform offers a variety of templates and features, including customization and collaboration, making it a perfect tool for creating flashcards.

5. Book cover

Students and teachers can create unique book covers with canvas. The book covers are simplified with canvas, with many options and the ability to modify them. Users just need to filter the available templates based on the style of the book and they are good to go.

Note: Teachers can organize book cover competition and engage students’ creativity.

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