10 Great Halloween Books for Kids

Halloween season is a time of ‘spectacular’ fun. Our kids and students love to celebrate it in their own way but as teachers and educators we have our own way of creating educational opportunities to make learning fun and engaging for students by keeping the awesome themes of the season intact.

In yesterday’s post I talked about Halloween activities and games to use with students in the classroom. I shared several platforms where you can download Halloween Google Slides and PowerPoint templates to use in your presentations. In today’s post, I’m sharing this collection of some of the most popular Halloween books for kids for you. Share with your young learners and help enrich their imagination with horror stories inspired by the Halloween spirit.

“Jasper the rabbit is no longer a little rabbit. He’s not afraid of the dark and he’s definitely not afraid of stupidity like underwear. But when the lights go out, all of a sudden his new big rabbit underwear glows in the dark. A ghost, a green glow. Saying his eggs were a little, well, scary. Jasper is clearly not scared, he’s just wearing scary underwear. Back! “

“This beloved monster parody sends a beloved classic kind-hearted message; enthusiastic art and clever text kids will beg to read it over and over again. The board book version is the perfect size for small hands!”

3- The Witches – Illustrated by Roald Dahl (author), Quentin Blake (Illustrator)

“Grandma loves to tell about witchcraft. True magicians are the most dangerous of all living creatures on earth. They don’t have the same hatred as children and they do all sorts of horrible magic to get rid of them. Her grandson listens intently to Grandma. Nothing can make him! “

“Pumpkins, Candy and Costumes! With fun Halloween surprise flaps, this Pet the Cat Holiday story will be a sweet treat for your little trick or treat. To find and discover what’s behind each door.

“It’s Halloween! What will the little puckie decide this year? The puckie tries to dress up one by one, but somehow just can’t find the right thing. Charms and pizzas, spooky puckies are all creations of the beloved Halloween classic. Boo! “

“The witch and her cat are happily flying from the sky on a broom tree when the wind picks up and blows the sorceress’s hat, her bow and then her cane! Is there room on the broom for friends? And when disaster strikes, can they save the witch from the hungry dragon? “

“Beep! Beep! It’s Halloween! Little Blue Truck is taking his animal friends to a costume party. Pick up the flap from this big, sturdy board book to find out who’s wearing it in every big costume! Will Blue wear a costume too?”

“Stylish portrayal of renowned artist Peter Brown is perfectly paired with Aaron Reynolds’ text in this hilarious picture book that shows it’s all fun and playful … unless you’re too greedy.”

“A classic and fun Halloween read-aloud story that neither you nor the kids in your life can resist, be it at home or in the classroom or in a library setting.”

“While the tired farmer and his family are in bed, the harvest moon quietly rises in the sky and begins its magic. For some, getting up at night and shining is a sign. It’s time to hunt, work or play. In the shade. For a little girl and her cat, winter There is an invitation to experience the last flood of night miracles and light before the small days. Comes twice gives a glimpse of nature’s nightlife after bedtime. “

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