10 Fast Fingers helps you check and improve your typing speed using engaging games

10 Fast Fingers is a web tool that allows students to test and improve their typing speed through a number of fascinating typing games. Typing or keyboarding has become an important skill for 21st century learners. In fact, in today’s knowledge economy, learning to type is more important than just learning to type. From an academic point of view, the biggest thing about 10 fast fingers is that students learn to type fast, they also practice the most common words in the language and their vocabulary is enriched.

There are several cognitive benefits to being fluent in typing, the most important of which is an increase in one’s degree. Focus. Each time you look down to find the key on your keyboard, your general attention is distracted, and switching back and forth between the screen and the keyboard can greatly affect your focus, depending on how fast you pick up where you left off. And attention. For those who are slow to type, typing can be a daunting task that can seriously slow down the learning process. Instead of using typing as a tool to facilitate their learning, it focuses on learning which adds an extra layer of difficulty and shifts the focus of learning from the final product to the medium.
To speed up their typing, students need to practice, practice and practice. In the end, practice makes perfect. Frequent typing practice forces the brain to create new neuro-pathways to assimilate the learned patterns and to make new habits second nature. One way to practice typing is through games and 10 quick fingers This is a great place to start.

Here are the main typing game 10 fast fingers offer

Typing tests

10 Fast Finger gives 1 minute quick tests to check your typing speed. You can check your typing speed score and compare it with others. Typing tests are available in more than 40 languages, including French, Arabic, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Korean, Russian, Kurdish and many more. There are two types of typing tests: the first type uses the top 200 words in each language and the second type is more advanced and uses the top 1000 words.

10 quick fingers

To start playing the typing test, go to 10 Fast Fingers and open your free account. I highly recommend having an account before you start playing as it will enable you to access your success, your visitors and competitors data and more. Once logged in, select the typing test from the bar on the left and start typing in the allotted box. The countdown timer starts the moment you hit the first keystroke. You have one minute to try to type as many words as possible. Typing errors are highlighted in red. At the end of the timer you will be given an overview of your results which include: the normal number of keystrokes you made, the degree of accuracy and the number of correct and incorrect words.

You can share your typing test score as a link, embed code to put on a website or blog, or share it on a social media website.

10 fast fingers

Multiplayer typing

In the multiplayer typing test, you will play with other competitors online and in real time. To start, click on the multiplayer typing on the left side bar, enter a username then press ‘Enter’. In the displayed window, you will be able to see the number of players currently on the server and you can see their progress as you start typing. You can also change the game by clicking the ‘Change Game’ button and you will be ranked among different players.

10 quick fingers

Custom typing test

Another interesting feature of 10 Fast Fingers is the ability to create your own typing test. To do so, click on the custom typing test on the left side bar and then click on ‘Open Settings’. Next, edit the glossary: ​​you can delete / add your own words and customize the duration of the game (select 1 minute to 10 minutes) and click Apply Settings when you’re done. Now you have your own typing game to share with others. Use embed code to place games on your blog or website.

As a teacher, you can create custom games using words from the vocabulary list taught in your classroom. Share those games with your students and let them kill two birds with one stone: they can practice their speed typing and develop their vocabulary.

Typing competition

This is where you can test the typing skills developed in previous levels against advanced competitors. “Each competition is open 24 hours a day, during which time you will have the opportunity to reach number one. Competitions work the same way. As our typing test but every time you reload the test Without a random list of words, the words will remain the same for each contest. If you only have a friendly typing contest with your friends, try the “Private Contest” option. “

Text practice mode

In this game, you can practice typing on whole text or paragraphs. You can either create your own text or use text from the site’s library. To create your text, you need to log in. Once logged in, click on “Text Practice” on the left, select ‘Create Text’ and fill in the box. You can use the search functionality of 10 Fast Fingers to find out. For generated text. You can also search text by category like TOP, Upcoming and My Favorites.

Top 1000 typing modes

In this mode, you can practice 1000 most common words in English. The game consists of different levels, each level having 50 words with the boss level having 100 words. When you type 50 WPM (words per minute), the next level will be unlocked automatically. The faster you type, the more stars you will unlock.

Try 10 Fast Fingers and share your feedback with us.

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