10 Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts Every teacher should know

If you’re using a Chrome browser, the following keyboard shortcuts will help you navigate your browser faster which will increase your overall productivity and save you more time that you can use to do more important things. I think there are 10 most useful shortcuts for Chrome users based on my own experience as an Adtech blogger and educator who has been using Chrome for the last 10 years. For a complete list of all Chrome shortcuts, check This chart.

Visual has 10 featured Chrome keyboard shortcuts:

  • Reopen your last closed tab
  • Clear browsing data
  • Adjust the zoom level
  • Bookmark the current page
  • Show or hide the bookmarks bar
  • Open the download page in a new tab
  • Open a new tab and do a Google search
  • Open the option to print the current page
  • Open a file in Google Chrome from your computer
  • Save all open tabs as bookmarks in the new folder

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